Post Scoliosis Surgery… Physio

I’ve been having physio ever since my scoliosis surgery just over a year ago but I’m still not 100% there. 

My lower back feels very weak and starts to hurt at the end of the day or if I’ve been standing or sitting for some time, although lying down provides relief.  When I’m at the gym or walking I often feel like holding my lower back for support. My surgeon has said this is normal as I have such a long fusion as the last 3 remaining discs are taking all the pressure, he said over time it should improve as my back gets stronger.

I’ve been having physio to strengthen my lower back and also my right shoulder over the past 6 months or so, as the muscles were cut through to get to my ribs there is very little muscle there now which has caused my right scapula to ‘wing.’

The exercises I was given initially were very gentle ‘Pilates’ type exercises to avoid damaging the fusion and also some exercises using a resistance band for my shoulder issue.

Today I discussed with my physio the possibility of using a Pilates ball to strengthen my ‘core’ muscles, as the core muscles effectively support the lower back. So if these are strong this can help keep the lower back strong (which is important for me as I only have 3 un-fused discs at the bottom of my spine) and reduce pain. She said she can give me some gentle exercises to use with the Pilates ball at my next appointment but that just sitting on it can really help. 

So, I’m going to get one and see if it helps just sitting on it for half an hour a day while watching TV. Watch this space!

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