Happy New Year!

So it’s an end of another year and a chance to reflect on the past 12 months.
This time last year I was still signed off work following my scoliosis surgery, on alot of painkillers and wondering if my life would ever be normal again. Last New Years Eve I stayed in because I couldn’t face the large crowds, the pain, the possibility of there being nowhere to sit and not being able to have a drink on my painkillers.
This New Year was very different. I went out with friends and partied until 3am!
Over the past 12 months I’ve come a long way and started getting back into my old life… slowly but surely.
Here’s a list of some of the things I’ve achieved in 2011:
  • Started back at work – part time for the first few months
  • Enjoyed (many!) drunken nights out with friends (in my heels!)
  • Danced again for the first time since surgery
  • Went to concerts and the theatre
  • Holidayed to Cyprus
  • Finished a Diploma in Digital Marketing
  • Started back at the gym 3 times a week
  • Progressed well with physio – I can tell my back feels stronger as now I’m able to lift myself up from lying down much easier.
  • Visited London a couple of times, sounds easy enough but involved long train journeys with no seats, lots of walking and the busy underground so was proud of myself!!
  • Had my one year post op appointment and had all restrictions lifted
  • Got a new full time job in online marketing.
  • Took a trip to Berlin (which involved ALOT of walking and the U Bahn!)
So, yes it’s been tough at times, but I’ve done far more than I ever imagined would be possible this time last year, and I hope to continue this in 2012.
This year I want to get fitter and stronger, learn more, travel more and keep pushing myself to achieve. I believe anything is possible.
“Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” ~ John Wooden
Happy New Year!
Louise xx

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