Weekend Away

This weekend I went away to York for a few days.It reminded me that I still find travelling/weekend’s away a bit of a pain, here’s why:
Train Journeys – luckily I wasn’t alone but I don’t think I could travel on my own with a suitcase on a train. Trains are annoying at the best of times, I could rant all day about them to be honest. 
I have to reserve a seat really as I can’t stand for an entire train journey. The annoying thing about this though is that if I can’t reserve a seat for some reason then because I look young/”normal” I feel as though people are judging me for sitting down say, for example, if someone older is standing nearby.
I also can’t carry my case and it’s virtually impossible to get through a train journey from start to finish without having to carry your case at some point, even if you have a roller case like I do. There are generally lots of stairs (why do sooo many train stations have so many stairs?!) and when you get on the train there’s usually a pile of cases already in the luggage area so then you have to either struggle to lift to put it on the pile of cases or stuggle with your case through the train aisle to get to your seat, which are not wide enough to wheel your case through.
Then when you get to your seat if there’s nowhere to put it next to you, you have to lift it to get it onto the overhead lugguage rack, which I can’t really do.

After all this my back is generally killing and I can’t wait to sit down but then the train seats aren’t exactly the most comfortable and I have the usual problem that my back can’t bend and mould to the seat so it’s usually an uncomfortable journey.

Walking – weekends away in a city generally involve being on your feet all day and this weekend was no exception! Although my back was a lot better than the last weekend away I had late last year and the lower back pain wasn’t as bad but a long day walking round in the freezing cold (there was ALOT of snow in York and it was minus 7 at one point!!) does take its toll believe me. 
Plus I was scared of slipping as there was snow/ice all over the pavements.
I took some heels with me to wear out on the Saturday night but when it came to Saturday night it was sooo cold and slippy outside and I would have had to walk quite a bit between places and to the taxi rank that I just stayed in my flat ‘snow boots.’ 
I felt a bit too casual but I didn’t want to slip and I knew walking round in heels would be uncomfortable aswell so that was a bit of a shame – this is why I hate the snow!!! Most girls in out that night didn’t seem to care though in their skyscraper heels…. sigh.
-Taxis– We got alot of taxis because we didnt know our way round plus our hotel was just outside the city centre. This part isn’t specific to weekends away but I realised this weekend that I CANNOT get in and out of those larger taxis with the slider doors. I can’t bend to get in and out so it’s really awkward  and because of this I managed to bang my head a couple of times in the process of trying to get in – ouch! 🙁
-Hotel beds – The hotel bed was really hard, which made me appreciate how much I love my memory foam topper at home! I woke up stiff and in pain every morning and then had to walk round all day and attempt to awkwardly get in and out of taxis…

Don’t get me wrong I had a really fun weekend away and I’m happy that I can do all these things but going away on the train is still not the easiest. It’s not much of a problem if I’m with someone who can help with my case or not mind sitting down with me throughout the day while I rest my back. 

It’s annoying sometimes as I might want to visit friends who live in another part of the country for the weekend but it would be quite difficult for me to do by myself if I had to go on the train.

Hopefully the more I do it though, the easier it will get in time.

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