A Sad Post…

This weekend I received some very sad and shocking news. I'm a member of a scoliosis support group and I found out that one of the staff members Vicki, who was a truly inspirational person and good friend to many on the site, sadly passed away aged just 28. This was a huge shock to all members of the site including myself and I'm very upset by this devastating news. I can't get over the unfairness of it all :(...Read More

Holiday – 1 year 7 months post op

I've just got back from my birthday holiday in Marrakech and thought I would update how it was for my back. Holidays are always difficult for people with bad backs, lugging cases about, airport queues, hours on your feet, uncomfortable aeroplane seats, hard hotel beds.. the list goes on!However, this holiday it actually wasn't so bad.Last summer when I was around the one year post op mark I went to Cyprus for two weeks and I found it incredibly difficult. Especially...Read More