Usain Bolt has Scoliosis!

I read the other day that Usain Bolt, the "fastest man in the world" has scoliosis.    I'm not sure how bad his scoliosis is but I myself found it very inspiring that the fastest man in the world has the same condition as me as he has obviously not let his back stop him from achieving his dreams.   I found an interview with Bolt here where he discusses the importance of keeping his core and back strong, something...Read More

2 years post op!

I can't believe it but today I am 2 years post op! I can't believe it was a whole two years ago today that I had my scoliosis surgery.I thought I'd do a quick update on how I'm feeling now in myself and how my back is. I'd say at 2 years post op I'm pretty much back to normal, I work full time and I go to the gym 3-4 times a week. I still get bad pain days from time...Read More