My 2023 Goals

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Hi everyone and Happy New Year!

I hope that you had a fantastic festive period, whatever that looked liked to you. 🙂

As it’s the start of another new year, I thought I would do post on my 2023 goals, as I like to use this time of year to reflect on the previous year, and set goals for the year ahead.

I set a few goals in 2022, but they were nowhere near as crazy as previous years in terms of amount of goals. Since the pandemic, I have calmed down somewhat, and no longer set myself hundreds of goals! Instead, I try to focus on a handful of goals that are more achievable and less overwhelming.

So, before I start looking at my 2023 goals, did I achieve the goals I set in 2022?

My 2022 Goals

  • Run my first marathon
  • Continue to grow my YouTube channel
  • Complete Machu Picchu Trek
  • Continue to manage my anxiety through meditation and reading

I’m pleased to say that I ran my first marathon in 2022, and I couldn’t be more proud! The training took up a lot of time in the first quarter of 2022, and I managed to run over 730 miles overall throughout the year.

I also committed to growing my YouTube channel and kept on top of a regular video posting schedule. This resulted in almost 10k views and over 30K minutes watched in 2022, as well as over 200 new subscribers. I’m really proud of this, and YouTube will continue to be a focus in 2023 in order to spread scoliosis awareness!

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to complete my Machu Picchu charity trek in 2022, but the good news is that this has been moved to 2023 and will be a big goal of mine this year.

I didn’t commit to the meditation as I found it difficult to do, although my anxiety is much better than it was as I’m now taking medication for it. I did read much more in 2022, especially audio books, which I listened to mostly whilst marathon training.

Some of my favourite reads/listens in 2022 included: Start with Why, Atomic Habits, Chimp Paradox and Working Hard, Hardly Working.

There were lots of other things I achieved in 2022 which I didn’t set as goals, including finally completing my 100th parkrun (after 5 years!), and getting a new job!

I also took part in Skillshares’ summer teach challenge and created my first Skillshare course on the topic of marketing strategy. It’s done pretty well and I’m proud of this as it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. It’s made me think about creating more courses in 2023, as I love helping people and it also allows me to use my skills in marketing (my day job is a marketing manager!)

What are my goals for 2023?

In 2023 my top-line goals are:

Goals relating to Life with Scoliosis:

  • Continue to focus on and grow the Life With Scoliosis YouTube channel
    • Posting videos 1-2 per month
    • Finishing Advanced Premiere Pro Course
    • Experiment with YouTube shorts
  • Complete Machu Picchu charity trek for scoliosis
    • Train/prepare for this challenge through hiking and strength training
    • Meet my fundraising target of £3,365

Goals relating to my ‘career’ / professional development:

  • Create at least 2 marketing courses on skillshare
  • Grow my personal ‘marketing’ brand and second YouTube marketing channel

These are my top-line goals for the first half of 2023.

There are some other things I would like to do, and I would like to continue with my reading also. However, as these are big goals, I don’t want to set too many goals and overwhelm myself, especially as I also work full time.

I plan to re-asses my goals after 6 months or so and see where I’m up to, and if possible, re-adjust and re-set.

Behind all of the goals and sub tasks there are also detailed plans to make sure I do my best to achieve them. For example, I have a detailed training plan for Machu Picchu and a content plan for my YouTube videos. I tend to use a mixture of tools like Trello, Notion, and the good old fashioned spreadsheet when planning!

I have also created a video over on YouTube where I talk about my 2023 goals in more detail, if you like that kind of thing.

My 2023 goals

Do you have any goals for 2023? Let me know in the comments!

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Have a happy new year!

Louise x

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