I heart my Fitbit <3

I heart my Fitbit <3

This post contains affiliate links It's a known fact that sitting down all day is bad for us and this especially true for those of us with scoliosis  - personally I find that my back hurts a lot more and feels much stiffer if I don't move around regularly. Walking is a fantastic way for most people with scoliosis to stay in shape as it doesn't put too much pressure on the back and over time it can help to...Read More

3 years post op!

Today I am three years post op from my scoliosis surgery and I really can't believe how fast that time has gone. So much has changed in the last three years and I've come so far, I am now very busy studying an MSc course whilst working full time - hence why I havent updated my blog for a while! I've been so busy getting an assignment done this month that I almost forgot that it was my three year...Read More


So it's nearly the end of another year and it's got me thinking about how good of a year it's been for my back and all the things I've managed to do. At the start of the year I was still doing physio, my back still felt weak and stiff and I was scared of doing things which might cause damage. As the year progressed, I found myself gaining more strength and more confidence to push myself as I began...Read More

Pain days

I don't like to post about pain too much as I don't want to put people off having this surgery, as I know that in many severe cases like mine, surgery is unavoidable. However, this is an honest blog about life after scoliosis surgery and if you need to have this surgery you will be interested in what it's really like living your life after this type of surgery. Today has been a bad pain day. Actually the past few...Read More

2 years post op!

I can't believe it but today I am 2 years post op! I can't believe it was a whole two years ago today that I had my scoliosis surgery.I thought I'd do a quick update on how I'm feeling now in myself and how my back is. I'd say at 2 years post op I'm pretty much back to normal, I work full time and I go to the gym 3-4 times a week. I still get bad pain days from time...Read More

Holiday – 1 year 7 months post op

I've just got back from my birthday holiday in Marrakech and thought I would update how it was for my back. Holidays are always difficult for people with bad backs, lugging cases about, airport queues, hours on your feet, uncomfortable aeroplane seats, hard hotel beds.. the list goes on!However, this holiday it actually wasn't so bad.Last summer when I was around the one year post op mark I went to Cyprus for two weeks and I found it incredibly difficult. Especially...Read More

Psychological aspects of Scoliosis Surgery

Ever since my surgery I have been paranoid that my back will go back to how it was before my operation or that it will move/change in some way. I know the metalwork is strong but I can't help worrying about it.For the first few weeks that I was home after my surgery I was constantly taking pictures of my back from different angles and I would panic if I thought that it looked slightly different from the one I...Read More

Weekend Away

This weekend I went away to York for a few days.It reminded me that I still find travelling/weekend's away a bit of a pain, here's why:-Train Journeys - luckily I wasn't alone but I don't think I could travel on my own with a suitcase on a train. Trains are annoying at the best of times, I could rant all day about them to be honest. I have to reserve a seat really as I can't stand for an entire train...Read More

A Momentous Occasion…1 year 6 months post op

Last night I got into bed but then I realised I needed to turn the light off, so I sat up. Then I realised. I can sit up! I can actually sit straight up from lying down!! Without even thinking about it!! This may not sound like much but for me this is a big deal. I'm now 1 year 6 months post op and it's only really over the past couple of months or so that I'm starting to...Read More

1 Year, 5 months post op

So I'm now 1 year 5 months post op and thought I'd update how I'm doing now. I think honestly things have been pretty constant which is why I've not updated for a while. Last month my physio referred me to an exercise on the NHS scheme, as I still needed physio but there was nothing more she could do for me herself as she didnt have the right equipment. I still have problems with my lower back feeling weak and...Read More

My Weekend in London

Ok so I'm now 1 year and 3 months post scoliosis surgery and I'm (almost!!) back to normal! I really can't believe all the things I can do now, I work full time and study for a Marketing diploma in the evenings as well as doing my exercises. Despite that though, this weekend was a huge milestone for me and a bit of a  challenge!I went to London to visit a friend and it was the first time I have been...Read More

Scoliosis Surgery – Extended Recovery

I really wanted to write this blog when I was actually going through my recovery to document my thoughts and feelings. I haven't gotten round to it until now but I found some forum posts that I wrote whilst going through the extended recovery period and just thought they might be interesting to read.... Scoliosis Surgery Recovery - 3months post op check upJust got back now and everythings fine - phew! I got to see my surgeon himself which I was...Read More

Post Scoliosis Surgery… Physio

I've been having physio ever since my scoliosis surgery just over a year ago but I'm still not 100% there.  My lower back feels very weak and starts to hurt at the end of the day or if I've been standing or sitting for some time, although lying down provides relief.  When I'm at the gym or walking I often feel like holding my lower back for support. My surgeon has said this is normal as I have such a...Read More
Scoliosis Surgery Recovery

Scoliosis Surgery Recovery

Scoliosis Surgery Recovery - Introduction Recovering fully from scoliosis surgery can take up to a year or sometimes two depending on how old you are when you have the surgery. The spine takes about a year to fuse and during this time it's important not to do anything that may damage the fusion as it takes such as impact sports or heavy lifting. The problem with scoliosis surgery recovery is that it is very slow and it's easy to get...Read More