5 years post op

Me a few weeks after surgery So this week it is five whole years since my scoliosis surgery. My life is very different from this time five years ago and it got me thinking about how far I've come since my surgery. If anyone reading this is currently facing the prospect of scoliosis surgery, or are in the early stages of recovery, I just want to reassure you that it DOES get easier and you WILL be able to achieve...Read More

2 year post op checkup

Today I had my 2 year post op checkup.  After scoliosis surgery you generally get seen for a checkup after 3 months, after 6 months, after 1 year and after 2 years, so this was my final post surgery checkup (hooray!)  Like last year, it was very weird going back to the hospital I had my surgery at, it's easy to forget what you went through sometimes but going back there again and walking past the ward I was on...Read More
Costoplasty Questions (also called thoracoplasty)

Costoplasty Questions (also called thoracoplasty)

What is a costoplasty or thoracoplasty? I've been asked a few times about the costoplasty procedure I had at the time of my scoliosis surgery, so I thought I would try and answer a few common queries about costoplasties below. When the spine curves it can also twist, this causes rotation of the rib cage which results in a "rib hump," this mainly occurs with thoracic curves that affect the ribs. In my case I had a large thoracic curve...Read More

Scoliosis Surgery – The Truth

The truth is there is sooo much rubbish and so many horror stories on the Internet about scoliosis surgery, it's enough to put anyone off having the surgery. I know because I believed a lot of it myself when I first got diagnosed with scoliosis and was researching the surgery. I was truly horrified and worked myself into a right state after reading certain statistics. I just need to say this....please be very cautious about what you believe online about...Read More

Scoliosis Surgery – Extended Recovery

I really wanted to write this blog when I was actually going through my recovery to document my thoughts and feelings. I haven't gotten round to it until now but I found some forum posts that I wrote whilst going through the extended recovery period and just thought they might be interesting to read.... Scoliosis Surgery Recovery - 3months post op check upJust got back now and everythings fine - phew! I got to see my surgeon himself which I was...Read More

Post Surgery: Hospital Experience

Waking up from scoliosis surgeryWhen I woke up from my scoliosis surgery I remember feeling no pain, I felt as light as air (thank god for morphine!) and I actually remember thinking 'I've had hangovers worse than this.'I was in ICU, (intensive care unit) I had tubes all over me and was attached to several machines that were monitoring my heart rate, blood pressure etc so I could hear these beeping. I could also hear nurses talking at the other...Read More

Scoliosis Surgery: Now or Never…

This part is all a blur, sometimes I wonder how I got through it at all.I had to be at the hospital at 3pm on the 28th July 2010, that morning I was surprisingly calm and a little excited. I knew it was something I had to deal with and I think after waiting a year I was keen to get it over with and excited to finally deal with it and move on with my life.When we arrived and...Read More

Scoliosis Surgery : A Difficult Decision…

In January 2009 I was referred to a scoliosis surgeon by the spinal specialist that had been monitoring me all these years. He could tell I was confused about what to do and suggested I had a chat with a scoliosis surgeon to see what could be achieved. I was nervous about seeing an actual scoliosis surgeon; it made it all more real. Would I would be told I needed surgery? How would I cope with this?! I went to...Read More

My Scoliosis Journey: A Secret Struggle

After the initial diagnosis of my scoliosis at 14, I was monitored by an orthopaedic specialist over the next few years – thankfully my scoliosis didn’t get any worse. But the psychological damage did. You would be surprised at how much having a twisted back affects your self-esteem, especially as a teenage girl. I felt ugly and deformed; I spent all my time in large, baggy clothes – wearing a size 12 when I was a size 8 to hide my...Read More

My Scoliosis Journey: The Beginning

I thought I would just backtrack a bit and write about when I first diagnosed with scoliosis when I was 14. How I felt and what I went through in the 10 years between my initial diagnosis and my scoliosis surgery last year. So...here goes. It all started when I was 14. I was a normal teenage girl, obsessed with Ben from A1, falling out with my parents, hanging out with friends. Like many teenage girls I felt self-conscious and...Read More

Scoliosis Surgery – All restrictions lifted!

Today I had my one year post op check up and was relieved to be told that all looks ok with the fusion and that all restrictions are now lifted! Woohooo!My surgeon said I can now do anything I like including rollercoasters and bungee jumping!! (I don't think so somehow...) It's amazing that after all I've been through I can now just do anything and go back to normal, I think it's truly amazing how the body recovers and what...Read More
Scoliosis Surgery: One Year Post Op

Scoliosis Surgery: One Year Post Op

Today I am one whole year post op from my scoliosis correction surgery and I honestly can't believe how far I've come and what I've been through in just 12 months. This time last year I had not long woken up in HDU from the extensive 10 hour scoliosis surgery where two rods and 21 screws were inserted into my spine to correct my severe scoliosis curvature and change my life forever. I will never forget that room, the sounds...Read More