Scoliosis Surgery – Extended Recovery

I really wanted to write this blog when I was actually going through my recovery to document my thoughts and feelings. I haven’t gotten round to it until now but I found some forum posts that I wrote whilst going through the extended recovery period and just thought they might be interesting to read….

 Scoliosis Surgery Recovery – 3months post op check up

Just got back now and everythings fine – phew! I got to see my surgeon himself which I was pleased about and only waited about 5minutes – must be a first! He said he can see it’s fusing well on the xray I had today, he showed me the xray I had done just after surgery and I could see about 4 broken ribs on it from the costoplasty – no wonder I’ve been in such pain lol. The xray from today shows the ribs have nearly healed but there’s still a way to go yet, he said I should expect to get pain from them for another 3months at least.
I told him that I was a bit unhappy with how my right shoulder blade protrudes and he said that I need to build the muscles up around it which should help to improve the appearance of it, so he’s referred me to physio. Hopefully this will work….

I also told him that I was expecting a bit more of a correction than I’ve got, as the first time I saw him he said he thought my spine was flexible and that he could achieve about a 70-80% correction (instead I got about 50%) but today when I asked him about it, he said that it wouldn’t have been safe in my case to go any straighter than he did, apparantly my curve was stiffer than he first thought too.

But the rib hump has completely gone which is a plus so my back looks good. He showed me some xrays from the side and the difference is amazing.

I don’t have to wear my brace anymore which is good and he said I can start going back to the gym again now but only to do walking on the treadmill and maybe cycling – he said definitely no to the cross trainer yet…! I don’t think I feel ready for the gym just yet, but it’s good to know I could if I wanted to I guess.

4 months post op: My first Physio Appointment Post Surgery

Today I had physio for the first time after my surgery (on the NHS) and I actually found it really good! Except for the fact I nearly slipped over on the ice outside the doctors – they havent gritted outside the drs, how annoying!!I didn’t really hurt myself but jolted my muscles – my poor back..

Anyway, my surgeon referred me for physio as he said I have a ‘weakened scapula’ which makes it stick out more than it should as the muscles around it are really really weak.

So the physio has given me some exercises to help strengthen the muscles and she said it should make my shoulder blade appear much flatter over time – which makes me happy as I’m quite self concious about it.

She’s also given me some gentle exercises to strengthen my lower back. She was really nice and kept saying what a good job they’d done on my back.

So I’m glad I went even though the weather is so bad I nearly didnt risk it!!

Scoliosis Surgery Recovery – 4 months post op: Tramadol Addiction
I’ve been taking Tramadol now for about 4months, and I don’t want to take it anymore, as my pain is not as bad as it was.

For the past couple of weeks I’ve only been taking 1 tablet (50mg) per day (in the afternoon usually) to try and cut down, which isnt alot I dont think?

If I miss this 1 tablet, I feel really weird.. lightheaded, sweaty and feel like I’m getting the flu or something, it’s really hard to explain but it’s not nice!! Then, as I can’t bear the feeling anymore, I take 1 tablet and I start to feel ‘normal’ again within an hour or so.

I cant take this any more, I just want to not have to take it! How do I cut down from 1 a day? I mentioned to my GP a few weeks ago that I was worried about getting addicted and she said I wouldnt be, so what’s going on then?!

Scoliosis Surgery Recovery – 4 months post op: Post Surgery Blues

Today I was supposed to go into work for a couple of hours for a meeting to discuss going back to work and a few other things, my boss said he’d pick me up (I’m still in too much pain to drive) at 1pm.

So I take all morning getting ready which is a real struggle at the moment, it took me about 20 mins to just get my tights on this morning! Then when i’m sat in my coat all ready to go he rings me and says he’s running late can we do it tomorrow! By which point I just burst into tears on the phone, now I feel stupid !!

But it was just the fact that it took so much effort with the amount of pain I’m in and I’m gonna have to do it all again tomorrow now!! I don’t think he realises how much effort it takes just to get dressed atm. Also I spilt milk All over the floor earlier and can’t bend down to clean it up – this again made me get all upset. I just feel useless and emotional right now 🙁

Scoliosis Surgery Recovery – 6 month post op check up:

Just a quick update on me. Today I had my 6month post op check (even though I’m nearly 8months post op but never mind..) and all is ok in terms of metalwork etc… phew..

Am a tad disappointed though as I ended up seeing a registrar and had to wait hours. He seemed to know what he was doing but would have liked to have seen my surgeon really. My surgeon was there but was running really behind and by the time I’d been to xray and came back think he had gone…! 

Just wish I could have gone to xray as soon as I got there instead of waiting aages to be told I needed an xray…… well I could have told them that lol. Just a bit annoying after waiting ages for an appointment, having it cancelled and rearranged etc…

Anyway at least all is ok, I feel like Im finally getting back to myself again now after 8 months and starting to get my life back – I started going back to the gym at 5 months post op and I even went out dancing on Saturday night! 😉 yay!

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