Machu Picchu trek for scoliosis: £3,667 raised!

Me in front of Machu Picchu in my Scoliosis Association T-shirt

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while but, guess what? I did it! Four days of trekking to the iconic Machu Picchu via the Ancascocha and Inca trails to raise funds for the Scoliosis Association UK.

It was incredibly challenging due to the altitude (in fact, THE hardest thing I’ve ever done!) yet so rewarding. But, I’m so proud that I did it and also raised a whopping £3,667!

The altitude was no joke. Every breath was an effort and I think my scoliosis perhaps made it even more challenging when it came to breathing at that altitude. The highest we reached was 4,600m and it really was tough to catch your breath. I felt so out of breath with even the smallest inclines. Add scorching heat during the day, freezing cold at night camping, oh, and don’t forget sudden rain showers.

Sadly, my body decided it was the perfect time to fall sick. You’d think dealing with scoliosis was enough, but hey, why not add a bit of extra challenge? It was so tough and at times, I wondered why I had signed up to put myself through it.

Despite all that, I managed to complete the trek and it was a beautiful experience! Seeing the world from an altitude of 2,430 meters, and walking through ancient paths, it’s just something else. I’m genuinely proud of myself for pulling this off, especially with scoliosis AND illness.

Moreover, this challenge made me realise even more the strength of people who deal with scoliosis daily. And I guess that’s why I wanted to do this challenge. To raise awareness of scoliosis and prove that I can do hard things, despite my scoliosis.

Standing at Machu Picchu, not only did I feel a strong sense of achievement, but I also felt very emotional. It’s been a long time coming and I just couldn’t believe that I’d managed to do it.

Thanks so much to everyone who has donated to my page or supported me, it means so much.

I’ve added some videos of my Machu Picchu trek for scoliosis to my YouTube channel – if you are interested in seeing how I got on, please give them a watch!

Until the next challenge 🙂

Louise xox

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