3 years post op!

Today I am three years post op from my scoliosis surgery and I really can’t believe how fast that time has gone. So much has changed in the last three years and I’ve come so far, I am now very busy studying an MSc course whilst working full time – hence why I havent updated my blog for a while! I’ve been so busy getting an assignment done this month that I almost forgot that it was my three year scoliosis surgery anniversary. In a way, I think that’s a good thing as it shows that my back doesn’t rule my life anymore.

So how does my back feel at three years post op? I think in all honesty it’s still improving. In the past 6 months I’ve noticed that I seem to have got some of my flexibility back that I thought was gone forever. 

Yes, I still can’t bend the fused part of my back (T3-L3) BUT I can bend from my hips and recently I’ve noticed that when I’m sitting down I can bend like I used to before surgery to pick something off the floor! This may not seem like much to some people but for me this is a big thing and it makes me so happy that I can now do this. I can also bend quite far from my waist now, although I can’t touch my toes (yet!) 

I think it just goes to show how long the recovery can take, it still surprises me the differences I notice in my back month by month – even now.

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3 thoughts on “3 years post op!

  1. i really appreciate your blog — surgery is something i'm always contemplating. your journey has been very helpful for me, so thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow.. Your blog is truly inspiring, and i wish i would have seen it earlier !
    Im Masha, 17 y/o, and had this surgery on 2nd april,2012. It always seemed to me my life are going to end after it, but I have found a way to overcome the difficulties, and even found my way back to dancing!. This year i'm a senior and preforming a solo en-pointe.
    Just wanted to tell all the people having a hard time thinking about going through a surgery like this, that with a little desire you can do anything !
    And also thank you for the inspiration you gave me ! You are truly strong and amazing ! 🙂

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