5 #SpinalFusionProblems

5 spinal fusion problems

Don’t get me wrong, I’m 100% glad that I had scoliosis surgery and now, six years on, I’m definitely better off than I was before.

However, if you’ve had scoliosis surgery (and have a long fusion like me) you may be able to identify with some of these 5 awkward #spinalfusionproblems…

1. Pulling a muscle trying to paint your toenails (or fasten your strappy sandals!)

Spinal Fusion Problems - Painting Toenails

Photo by Lum3n from Pexels

It’s not that I CAN’T paint my toenails or fasten my strappy sandals, it’s just that it can be quite awkward and I have to sit down and sort of bend my leg in an unnatural position to reach, which usually results in me pulling a muscle in my leg!!

This also applies to putting on socks and tying shoe laces. I WILL fall over if I’m not sat down!

2. Flooding the bathroom trying to wash your face

Since my surgery, I find it awkward washing my face in the sink. This is because it’s pretty difficult for me to bend right down to the level of the sink, so I usually end up squatting by the side of it and then proceeding to splash water all over the bathroom. Now I stick to face wipes, or I just wash my face in the shower.

3. Hard backed chairs = evil

Spinal Fusion Problems - Wooden Chair

Photo by Marcelo Jaboo from Pexels

No, just no. Hard backed chairs should be banned!

Since surgery, I’m mostly comfortable sitting on stools (my rods support me amazingly well, so I don’t actually need to lean against anything) or chairs/sofas with cushions.

Anything else is super uncomfortable, mostly because I can’t bend my back to fit the shape of the chair. So in hard backed chairs, I usually end up sitting forward with my body away from the back of the chair.

Hard backed, plastic sun loungers are also evil and lying flat on the floor is a definite no.

4. Shaving your legs

Kind of related to point number one. It’s hard to reach and so I usually end up in awkward positions trying to reach parts of my leg, pulling a muscle again or with patches I can’t reach. One of my fellow scoliosis friends said she taped her shaver to a stick to make it easier for her to reach, which made me laugh..! Worth a try!!

5. Being asked to a Yoga class

Spinal Fusion Problems - Yoga

Erm, awkward.

These are just a few awkward situations I have found myself in post scoliosis surgery. Big deal? Not really. Frustrating? Sometimes.  But you’ve just got to laugh at about it.

Are there any awkward situations you’ve found yourself in due to your spinal fusion?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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