2 thoughts on “Scoliosis Awareness Month

  1. Hello louise. Im fafa. From kuala lumpur malaysia. I had a spine surgery due to scoliosis too roughly six years ago. At that time i was 17,now i am 23. I felt good after the operation but i am unable to lift heavy things. Even few books. If i do, i will suffer back pain and need to lay down few hours or few days. So pathetic. I always cry due to this. Why i am not like other people???? Now, i just started working. It needed me to do documentation etc,now im laying down so that it will not hurt that much. I dont know why. Maybe because my routine has changed.

    I dont why i tell u this. But please share anythg can help me

  2. Hi, I know how you feel as I often have to lie down after doing strenuous things and can't lift heavy things either. I think if you have just started working your back will need to get used to it. Mine hurt alot when I first started working full time and I had to lie down when I got home to start with but now it's improved as I think my back has gotten used to it over time. x

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