5 signs of scoliosis to look out for

Signs of Scoliosis to look out for

June is scoliosis awareness month, so I thought I’d write a post about some common signs of scoliosis.

Every case of scoliosis is different, and the physical symptoms can vary depending on the size and location of the curve(s). However, there are some common signs to look out for.

As scoliosis typically develops when a child is growing (most commonly between the ages of 10-15), it’s important to look out for the signs as soon as possible. This is because, if scoliosis is caught early enough, then surgery may be able to be avoided.

So what are 5 signs of scoliosis?

  1. One shoulder may appear higher than the other.
  2. The rib-cage may be twisted and rotated, which can cause the ribs and shoulder blade to protrude on one side. This is most noticeable when bending forwards. The best way to check for scoliosis is the Adam’s Bend Forward Test.
  3. The waist may be uneven – it may be straight down one side.
  4. The hips may be uneven.
  5. You may be able to visibly see the curve of the spine, depending on the severity.

I have created a graphic, which uses a photograph of my own back prior to surgery to highlight these signs further.

My scoliosis was fairly severe, and so it was possible to physically see the curve in my spine and the effect this had on the shoulders, ribs and hips.

However, as my curve is “S” shaped, I was fairly balanced prior to surgery and so with clothes on, it was difficult for most people to tell I even had scoliosis.

Some people may only have one curve, which could mean that their head may not be centered, or they may lean to one side. Every case of scoliosis is different and looks subtly different.

When scoliosis is mild, it can be very difficult to detect and, as it usually develops when a child is growing, it can progress very quickly. This is an important window for non surgical treatment such as bracing, and so it is important that it is spotted sooner rather than later.

Please feel free to share this post and my graphic on your own sites or social media pages to help spread awareness of the signs of scoliosis.

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5 signs of scoliosis to look out for

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