Pilates for Scoliosis: Fusion Friendly Pilates

Pilates For Scoliosis - Emily Hale

There is no argument that a strong core is important for those of us with scoliosis. A strong core helps to keep our backs strong, which in turn can reduce back pain.

Pilates is the perfect exercise for scoliosis in this respect but it can be difficult to know which are the best exercises to do, especially if you have had a spinal fusion.

Pilates For Scoliosis

Emily is the founder of Build & Breathe Pilates and works predominately with people living with scoliosis and spinal fusions to boost physical and emotional health thorough movement.

After her own spinal surgery aged 15, Emily is fused from T4-L5 and spent years trying to fit into exercise classes where she was asked to bend, twist and crunch in a way that was more damaging than helpful.

To understand more about her own body, Emily trained as a Pilates instructor and developed a unique, fusion-friendly style of Pilates focusing on a strong core and foundation to support our spines. 

We’ve worked together to create an introductory Pilates session for scoliosis to show some key techniques we use in class, and how we can still get a meaty work out whilst keeping our backs safe and protected – we really hope you enjoy it!

Please check with your health practitioner that you’re fine to join in with these exercises. It’s important to listen to your body as you are solely responsible for your health and well-being – it is your decision to perform any physical exercise demonstrated.

This fusion friendly routine is perfect for you to do at home whilst we are in lockdown. For more scoliosis specific exercises and tips, you can follow Emily on Instagram.

Emily also teaches Pilates classes for scoliosis and spinal fusion so feel free to check them out!

If you try Emily’s Pilates for scoliosis session, let me know how you get on in the comments 🙂

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Enjoy, and stay safe <3

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Fusion Friendly Pilates for Scoliosis
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