Scoliosis Pain Vlog – 12 years post scoliosis surgery

Woman holding lower back in pain

Hi everyone,

This week I am 12 YEARS post my scoliosis surgery – which I just can’t believe.

I decided to make a scoliosis pain vlog over on YouTube, to show what my back pain is like now, 12 years post my surgery.

I actually found it really interesting and what I discovered was, that whilst I actually get pain most days, it’s usually bearable and luckily low enough not to stop me from doing things.

Most of the time I would say my back pain is around 2/10, and it is usually in my lower back.

I think I’ve lived with scoliosis for so long that I’m just used to the pain now and hardly notice it. Maybe if someone without scoliosis had a day in my life, they would find the pain worse – who knows! I do think I have a relatively high pain threshold.

Scoliosis pain – triggers

There are certain activities that will ‘trigger’ my pain to be worse and go up to a 5/6 out of 10, and these activities usually involve bending.

So these would be things like cleaning, gardening, packing for a trip, getting ready for going out etc. It’s the everyday activities like this that will trigger my pain, and I usually have to sit down for a bit after doing these things. Surprisingly, there are things that don’t trigger pain as much as I thought they would, for example activities like running and hiking I’m fine with.

Nowadays, having scoliosis does affect my life, but I guess I’ve had a fused spine for 12 years now, so I’ve learnt to adapt! I do everything I did before my surgery, but some things I need to do slightly differently.

If you are interested in watching an average week in the life of somebody with spinal fusion for scoliosis, then you can check out my video below.

Let me know in the comments if you can relate or if you have similar/different experiences with your scoliosis pain post spinal fusion surgery.

Scoliosis pain vlog – 12 years post spinal fusion surgery

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Louise x

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2 thoughts on “Scoliosis Pain Vlog – 12 years post scoliosis surgery

  1. I have scoliosis as well. I am fused from the T10 to the S1. I had my last surgery in 2012, it failed and they redid it in 2013. I have had a pretty good life since then. I have to be careful as to what I do to keep from getting sore. I still have some days where I have pain and I need to rest. But I am also 66 yrs old now. I just pray I will not need any of the surgery redone again.

  2. Hi Tara,
    Thanks for taking the time to comment. Glad you are doing okay now and hopefully you don’t need any further surgery. Take care 🙂 Louise xx

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