It’s Snow Joke…

rule of thirds photography of snowman
There are heavy snow warnings across the UK at the moment, below freezing temperatures and lots of ice. We’ve had a bit of snow where I live although what concerns me more are the slippy pavements – especially when they’re not gritted.
I know a lot of people get excited by the snow, it looks so pretty blah blah blah.

I personally HATE the snow and dread winter every year because the cold weather does just not agree with my back. For me it feels dangerous and the cold just causes me extra pain.

Ever since I had the rods put in the cold seems to find it’s way into my metalwork and my back muscles just stiffen up like a tight corset, making it difficult to walk very fast and making my pain a lot worse than usual. 

I’m also very nervous about walking on the ice since my surgery as I’m terrified of slipping over and doing damage to my fusion, damaging the metalwork and causing myself more pain. 

I know I’m stronger than I think, but I feel like a frail old lady out there on the ice, people don’t realise how bad a fall could be for me though because I’m young and look “normal.”

Also, I tend to tense up more when I walk on the ice now as I’m so scared of slipping, which makes it 10x worse!

It was worse last winter as I was only 6 months out of surgery and I knew that I wouldn’t be fully fused yet so a bad fall could have caused serious damage.

I think I will be like this now every winter, I just dread it and wish it never snowed. Well, so long as I don’t have to go out in it.

I really think I need to live somewhere hot and sunnyor get some of these, safety first!

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