5 Reasons to Love your Scars

5 Reasons to Love Your Scars - My scoliosis scar

My scoliosis surgery left me with a huge scoliosis scar which runs down the length of my back. I for one am extremely proud of my scar and I never try to hide it. For me, my scar highlights what I have gone through and how far I have come in my battle with scoliosis. If you have a scoliosis scar, or any other kind of scar, you too should be proud of what it represents.

Here are my 5 reasons to love your scars…

1. Your scars are a sign of survival

Love Your Scars - Behind Every Scar is an Untold Story of Survival

For me, my scoliosis scar is a sign that I survived. I survived the pain, the tears, the lengthy recovery, the psychological damage of living with a physical deformity.  My scoliosis scar is like a battle wound or a medal of honour that says “I survived it all.”

2. Your scars are what make you unique

I used to be ashamed of my back. When I was a teenager it was especially hard living with a physical deformity. I would do anything I could to hide my back. I would wear baggy clothes and cry myself to sleep at night. I would ask “Why me?” and I longed for straight spine and to be “normal.” Over the years though, I’ve come to realise that my condition is what makes me unique. I’m not ashamed anymore. It’s made me the person I am today and there’s a lot of positive things I wouldn’t have done had I not had my condition. My scar encompasses all of that,  it represents the journey I have been on with scoliosis and makes me who I am.

3. They show your strength and determination

No-one else can know what you’ve been through to be left with the scars you have. For me, going through scoliosis surgery was the toughest thing I’ve ever had to go through. I fought my condition head on, I’ve come out the other side and I’m now stronger and more determined than ever.

4. Your scars tell a story

Love Your Scars - Tattoos are scars with better stories

Your scars makes you interesting and almost always have stories attached to them! This can often be a good ice-breaker or conversation starter.

Once I was at a training seminar for work and the trainer asked us all to share an interesting fact about ourselves. In the past I would have struggled with a question like this. On this occasion my scar story was one of the most well-received “facts” and everyone was really intrigued.

I used to be ashamed of my story, but now I enjoy showing my scar, telling my story and raising awareness of scoliosis.

5. They are beautiful – love your scars!

Love Your Scars - My scoliosis scar
My Scoliosis Scar – On a beach in Australia

All scars are beautiful – love your scars and show them off with pride!

Have you got a scoliosis scar or any other kind of scar?
How do you feel about your scars? Let me know in the comments below đŸ™‚

Louise X

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