2 year post op checkup

Today I had my 2 year post op checkup.  After scoliosis surgery you generally get seen for a checkup after 3 months, after 6 months, after 1 year and after 2 years, so this was my final post surgery checkup (hooray!)  Like last year, it was very weird going back to the hospital I had my surgery at, it's easy to forget what you went through sometimes but going back there again and walking past the ward I was on...Read More
Pain days

Pain days

I don't like to post about pain too much as I don't want to put people off having this surgery, as I know that in many severe cases like mine, surgery is unavoidable. However, this is an honest blog about life after scoliosis surgery and if you need to have this surgery you will be interested in what it's really like living your life after this type of surgery. Today has been a bad pain day. Actually the past few...Read More

My Scoliosis Scar: Two Years Post op

My scoliosis scar: two years post opAbove is a photo of the top of my scoliosis scar now, at two years post op. I don't think it's very noticeable now at all, especially as my hair usually covers the top of it.Just for comparison here is a pic of the top of my scar at about 7 weeks post op, so you can see how much it has faded!My scoliosis scar: 7 weeks post op

2 years post op!

I can't believe it but today I am 2 years post op! I can't believe it was a whole two years ago today that I had my scoliosis surgery.I thought I'd do a quick update on how I'm feeling now in myself and how my back is. I'd say at 2 years post op I'm pretty much back to normal, I work full time and I go to the gym 3-4 times a week. I still get bad pain days from time...Read More
Does scoliosis surgery get rid of pain?

Does scoliosis surgery get rid of pain?

Does scoliosis surgery get rid of pain? I get asked this a lot and the answer, for me, is yes and no. People don't seem to understand why I am still in pain after I've had scoliosis surgery. I think they think that as my surgery was nearly two years ago that I should be 'recovered' and back to normal now - whatever that is. The truth is, that before my surgery my pain was much, much worse and I...Read More

Holiday – 1 year 7 months post op

I've just got back from my birthday holiday in Marrakech and thought I would update how it was for my back. Holidays are always difficult for people with bad backs, lugging cases about, airport queues, hours on your feet, uncomfortable aeroplane seats, hard hotel beds.. the list goes on!However, this holiday it actually wasn't so bad.Last summer when I was around the one year post op mark I went to Cyprus for two weeks and I found it incredibly difficult. Especially...Read More

Psychological aspects of Scoliosis Surgery

Ever since my surgery I have been paranoid that my back will go back to how it was before my operation or that it will move/change in some way. I know the metalwork is strong but I can't help worrying about it.For the first few weeks that I was home after my surgery I was constantly taking pictures of my back from different angles and I would panic if I thought that it looked slightly different from the one I...Read More

Weekend Away

This weekend I went away to York for a few days.It reminded me that I still find travelling/weekend's away a bit of a pain, here's why:-Train Journeys - luckily I wasn't alone but I don't think I could travel on my own with a suitcase on a train. Trains are annoying at the best of times, I could rant all day about them to be honest. I have to reserve a seat really as I can't stand for an entire train...Read More
It’s Snow Joke…

It’s Snow Joke…

There are heavy snow warnings across the UK at the moment, below freezing temperatures and lots of ice. We've had a bit of snow where I live although what concerns me more are the slippy pavements - especially when they're not gritted. I know a lot of people get excited by the snow, it looks so pretty blah blah blah. I personally HATE the snow and dread winter every year because the cold weather does just not agree with my...Read More

A Momentous Occasion…1 year 6 months post op

Last night I got into bed but then I realised I needed to turn the light off, so I sat up. Then I realised. I can sit up! I can actually sit straight up from lying down!! Without even thinking about it!! This may not sound like much but for me this is a big deal. I'm now 1 year 6 months post op and it's only really over the past couple of months or so that I'm starting to...Read More
Half Woman, Half Robot…

Half Woman, Half Robot…

So, what it is really like living with titanium in your spine? Can you feel the metalwork in your back after scoliosis surgery? Does it restrict you in any way? I know I asked myself these very questions prior to my scoliosis surgery. I am fused with two titanium rods and 21 screws and from T3 to L3, which is most of my spine. The screws are also pretty big, as you can see from my X-ray above! Can I...Read More
Costoplasty Questions (also called thoracoplasty)

Costoplasty Questions (also called thoracoplasty)

What is a costoplasty or thoracoplasty? I've been asked a few times about the costoplasty procedure I had at the time of my scoliosis surgery, so I thought I would try and answer a few common queries about costoplasties below. When the spine curves it can also twist, this causes rotation of the rib cage which results in a "rib hump," this mainly occurs with thoracic curves that affect the ribs. In my case I had a large thoracic curve...Read More

Haircuts post scoliosis surgery: A pain in the neck (literally!)

So I had my hair done this weekend and it reminded me that having my hair cut is one thing that I absoltuely hate doing post scoliosis surgery, that and shaving my legs. I try to put it off for as long as possible but some things are just unavoidable. The problem is that going to the hairdressers is now a completely different experience from pre-surgery, and not an enjoyable one at that. This is mainly because I can't bend...Read More

Happy New Year!

So it's an end of another year and a chance to reflect on the past 12 months.This time last year I was still signed off work following my scoliosis surgery, on alot of painkillers and wondering if my life would ever be normal again. Last New Years Eve I stayed in because I couldn't face the large crowds, the pain, the possibility of there being nowhere to sit and not being able to have a drink on my painkillers. This New...Read More

1 Year, 5 months post op

So I'm now 1 year 5 months post op and thought I'd update how I'm doing now. I think honestly things have been pretty constant which is why I've not updated for a while. Last month my physio referred me to an exercise on the NHS scheme, as I still needed physio but there was nothing more she could do for me herself as she didnt have the right equipment. I still have problems with my lower back feeling weak and...Read More